Some Questions that were texted in

1) What is the difference between lust and attraction?
Answer: I think the difference comes down to the orientation of the heart. Lust sees a person and the heart says “I want them to fulfill my desires”. While attraction says, “I would like to serve that person”. Lust is self-seeking while attraction is the first step towards relationship, and should be driven not by self-seeking desires by rather be driven by a desire to serve the needs of the other with no expectation of reciprocation.

2) When did incest become a sin in the Bible?
Answer: There are a couple of thoughts around this question. One common thought is that Adam and Eve were not the only humans on the planet. that God had made people but chose to place Adam in the garden while the rest existed outside of the garden (this is based on Cain leaving the family and establishing a city – cities require people).

A more direct answer might be to state that incest was common in the early days of humanity (look at Abrahams marriage and his childrens marriages). It is likely that incest was viewed as unhealthy during the time of Abraham with the writing of the Hamarabi law code (which did contain some morality). Biblically, God does not pass down a law prohibiting incest until Exodus.


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