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GRADES 7 – 12


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Hello Youth, Leaders and Parents,

September has been an incredibly fun, albeit a little rocky, start to our youth year! I am so grateful for all of your involvement and I have very much enjoyed getting to know so many new youth and families. If you have not had the chance to connect with me yet please come and say hi, I can usually be found in the church foyer before and after the youth program. In this e-mail you should hopefully be able to get some updates about what we are doing for the month of October. We will aim to stick as closely to the program as we can, but I simply ask for your patience as we may have to make adjustments as we go.

As expected, the government has applied some restrictions to social gatherings and to places of worship. I do not intend to close our doors or end our programs as I feel strongly that the benefit of community on the mental and spiritual health of people, and especially young people, is great and needs to be provided. However, at this moment the government is not asking us to close our doors, they are mandating masks and asking us to practice physical distancing. Further we have been asked to reduce our capacity limits to 1/3 of our fire code. This means we can only have 83 students at our youth program. Our current average is 40 students each week. So at this time, we simply ask that students wear masks, and otherwise the program will continue as it has.

October 8th – SMALL GROUP NIGHT. Regular youth night is cancelled while the various small groups gather for some fun and quality time together. Make sure to connect with your small group leaders for details of your group’s activity.
October 15th/22nd – Regular Youth Nights. see you all at 7pm!
October 29th – YOUTH LEADERS MEETING. Youth Night Cancelled – Every couple of months it is necessary for the volunteer youth leaders to meet to evaluate the program, to receive some training and just to be refreshed in their role as volunteer leaders.

I have also attached to this e-mail my schedule for the year. This is the schedule that I am working from as I plan. Note: this schedule is fairly fluid with things like the games and sometimes even the dates of events being changed.

The midweek study is continuing with the series in Apologetics. We will continue to meet on Wednesday nights from 7-9pm. Students are encouraged to bring notebooks and bibles.

We have been planning to participate in a winter camping event in November. However, it seems that camps are being required to implement the “Restriction Exemption Program” for overnight camp rentals. As a result we have decided to postpone the winter camp event until further notice as we do not want anyone to feel excluded.

Every year around this time we make available some brand new COR13 Merch. I am currently working on some designs and am aiming to get order forms out by next week (October 15th). T-shirts will cost $20 and hoodies will cost $40. Payment is required with the order.

Thank-you again for all of your patience, understanding and encouragement. This year has brought a lot of new faces to our youth program, and every one of them is welcome! I am so thrilled and excited by this high energy, fun loving group of youth.

                                                  – Youth Pastor Andrew Bird



4:00 – 7:10 – Come hang out at the church. 
7:10 – 8:00 – Group Building Activity
8:00 – 8:25 – Worship (music and prayer)
8:25 – 8:55 – Message
8:55 – 9:30 – Small Groups; kids break in to groups of peers and are lead in a discussion time by volunteer leaders
9:30 – midnight – “After Youth” ; Hang out as long as you would like, but make sure you have a way to get home!



For questions please contact Andrew by
Cell Phone: 780-335-4080

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