Jr Youth

Faith! Friends! Fun!

Junior Youth Kickoff!

Junior Youth will be returning to full swing with the new school year! Our kickoff will be September 13, 6-730pm at the church!

The program will be running 6-730pm, on Tuesdays, and we will be running programs weekly now.

Grades 4-6 are invited to join us, as we come together to enjoy games as a group, and then each week we will be doing a bible study.


Jr. Youth is for Students in grades 4-6.

For more info or to join our emailing list for monthly updates and reminders of Jr. Youth activities send an email to David Ewing @ dewing@brightviewchurch.ca, or call/text me at 780-216-1256.

All students will need to be registered for the year in our program. This should be filled out on or before their first time attending the jr. youth program this year. The registration form will be available at the church or can be downloaded and filled out in advance (link below).


Hello Parents and Leaders!

We are heading into December, and the weekly Jr. Youth program will be a little bit different!
December 6th: Regular Jr. Youth Night!
December 13th: Regular Jr. Youth Night! (but with a Christmas like flavour for the evenings activities)
December 20th, 27th, and Jan 3rd: No Jr. Youth.
While our original schedule had December 20th as our christmas party, however the 20th is the night of the Falun school christmas concert, so there will be no jr. youth, so that you are freed up to attend the concert.

January 10th: Regular Jr. Youth! Welcome back!

Winter Camp
Gull Lake Camp is planning to host a winter camp for students in g. 4-6 on the weekend of March 3-5. Information about this camp can be found here: https://gulllakecentre.ca/winter-camps/

Our plan is to go to this camp together! your cost will only be the registration fee with Gull Lake, We will send 2 of our leaders to hangout with the kids and build awesome memories together. Let me know if you have any questions. This event could be super fun and meaningful for our students, So please take a look at the page and consider sending them with us to winter camp!

Thank-you all for your continued support and participation with our Jr. Youth students. Looking forward to an exciting month of holiday fun!

Andrew Bird
Associate Pastor
Brightview Church

Cell: 780-335-4080
Email: abird@brightviewchurch.ca

For questions or more details, contact David Ewing