Simple Baptism

The last 10 minutes of the recording seem to have been lost. The missing part is the entire final point of the sermon.

In the sermon I first speak about the Goal of Jesus baptism – an act of revealing both his divinity and His authority to do ministry (along with that he reveals his message in Mark 1:15)

Secondly, I talk about the Strategy – which is all about movement. Baptism is about marking a significant move, or change in the life of the person. For Jesus it is the moment of moving from human observation to divine ministry. While for many of us as believers it marks the moment of repentance.

The Third point (missing in the recording) is the FOCUS.
Jesus, after his baptism, heads into the wilderness and is tested for 40 days. the temptations are outlined in more detail in the Gospel of Matthew. The goal of the temptations was to cause Jesus to step off his path, to abandon the ministry. But Jesus remained on the path he focused on the decision he had made and for Jesus there was NO TURNING BACK.

I continued on to suggest that Baptism is the trail-head, the start of the journey. When we head out on that journey we make the decision that we will not be turning back. and Baptism marks that decision and commitment.

I concluded the message with a story.
I was in the high school last week and I asked the students what they thought about baptism. we had a great discussion about submission and commitment. we discussed readiness, and knowing what you are committing to. and one student made a comment that kind of got overlooked in the midst of the discussion, but was probably the most profound statement, and with this I’ll be done. this student said “Well Jesus got baptized, and I want to follow Jesus… is that enough?”

YES! following Jesus, being committed to that life. YES, that is enough.


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