Knowing God, Sharing Life

GRADES 7 – 12


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As we celebrate a new year, many people begin to ask what this new year will bring. What new opportunities will be placed in front of us? What hardships might we face? Where will we see God working?

Well I have also been thinking a lot about how this year might look. We have spent the past 3 years building this COR13 program and I am beginning to ask, “now we have it, what do we do with it?”.

For this reason, I would like to begin to implement some practices that I may have been overlooking up until now. The first thing I would really like to implement is an opportunity for parents to have a voice in what we are doing! For this reason, I would like to hold 2 parents meeting this year (In February and May). These meetings will offer opportunity for parents to give feedback, ask questions, and offer ideas for the COR13 youth program. The first meeting will be on February 13th, 7pm at Brightview Church.

                                                  – Youth Pastor Andrew Bird


3:00 – 7:10 – Come hang out at the church. 
7:10 – 7:45 – Group Building Activity
7:45 – 7:50 – Snack
7:50 – 8:00 – Announcements (while you munch on your snack)
8:00 – 8:10 – Group Prayer
8:10 – 8:25 – Musical Worship
8:25 – 8:55 – Message
8:55 – 9:30 – Small Groups; kids break in to groups of peers and are lead in a discussion time by volunteer leaders
9:30 – midnight – “After Youth” ; Hang out as long as you would like, but make sure you have a way to get home!


On April 26th at 6:00pm, the COR13 Youth will board a bus and drive to south Edmonton where we will be bowling, laser tagging, and minigolfing. We will then return to the church for pizza, pop and snacks and a full night of activities. Students will stay overnight in the church where they can stay up all night playing games or watching movies. Students will also be allowed to sleep in gender specific sleeping areas. Breakfast will be provided in the morning at 7am. Students can be picked up any time between 7 and 8am on Saturday April 27th
COST: $20
PERMISSION FORM: Power Night Permission

Starting May 3rd, students in Grade 6 (heading for gr. 7 in the fall) will be welcome to join our weekly Friday night COR13 youth program!

For questions please contact Andrew by
Cell Phone: 780-335-4080

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