GRADES 7 – 12


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Welcome back for another exciting year of COR13 Youth Group! This year I am super excited to introduce some changes to our program that you need to know about!

Our biggest change this year is the introduction of COR13 IMPACT Nights! There will be several IMPACT Nights during the year. During these special Friday nights, the youth group will be split into Jr. and Sr. High groups. The Grade 7-9 students and the grade 10-12 students will have separate programs planned and run for them. The goal of these Impact nights is for our leadership team to be able to spend an evening making more intentional spiritual investments in the lives of the kids in an age specific format. These evenings may involve games, food, campfires, and living room gatherings. The point of these nights is to break away from the usual program of our youth ministry and to create a space and opportunity for our youth to engage with their faith in a personal and meaningful way.

Another Change this year is to our youth ministry vision statement. Vision is meant to be a driving force for a program. A vision statement should be memorable and inspire action while still communicating our heart for ministry. So after much contemplation I have reworded our vision statement to now appear as follows:

Knowing God, Sharing Life

Our vision is to build a relationship with the youth in our small groups and through that relationship we might be able to introduce the youth to a life with God. Our relationship with them becomes an echo of the relationship that we have with God and by our actions we express our faith so that they might also come to know Him and through Him they might experience a fulfilling life (John 10:10)

One more exciting addition to our ministry is a push to help youth live their faith every day. So starting on the first day of school (september 5th) and continuing every day there after, I will be meeting with any youth who want to pray before school. We will be gathering at 8:40am in the PLRS parking lot to pray for the school and to focus our hearts and minds on God as we start our day. If you are a student at PLRS you are more than welcome to come and join us for this short time of prayer.

I am very much looking forward to this exciting new year of COR13 Youth Group!

                                                 – Andrew Bird


On Saturday, November 18th, the COR13 Youth will be going to West Edmonton Mall. We will be leaving the church at 10am and returning to the church for pick up at 5pm. At the mall, the youth will break into teams and be given a “photo scavenger hunt” form. They can wonder the mall as a team, taking photos for the scavenger hunt and shopping as their group agrees. The event is free, but we will be there over lunch so some lunch money and possible spending money is recommended.

On December 15th, we will be having our 3rd COR13 IMPACT Night. The plan for this evening will be to have all of the youth (Jr. and Sr. High) board a bus at 6pm and travel to Gull Lake Bible Camp for an evening of activities and Bible-centered discussion. Once at the camp the age groups will separate into different areas of the camp to take part in various activities and bible studies.  We aim to return to the church by 10pm. Stay tuned for more info.

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