Pastor Andrew Bird and his senior youth group are starting an additional activity time once a month on the second Friday of every month – Oct 13, Nov 10 & Dec 8.  These activities will take place at the church after school until 6pm.  Kids attending Falun school can ride Mr. Turpin’s bus to the church.  The official program will start at 4:30pm so children from Lakedell, Pipestone and town can join in.



If you have a google account you can view a church calendar by clicking HERE


Jr. Youth (Gr. 4-6) ROCKIN’ & ROLLIN’

KIDS! Meet at the church at 6:45 pm for a fun evening of curling at the Usona rink! Please bring your indoor running shoes, a warm coat and gloves. Pick-up after at the church is 9:30 pm. For more information, please contact Karen Turpin @ 780-361-8695 or gturpin@telusplanet.netFrid