Young Adults

The Young Adults (grade 12 Р30ish years old) meet every Sunday at Brightview Church!

Come and join us for a time of fellowship and spiritual development with our Young Adults Bible Study.

We begin each week at 6pm with a meal. This is a meaningful time of fellowship with good food and good friends. At 7:30pm we begin our Bible Study, with full stomachs and open hearts.

For the following year of Young Adults, we will be studying in the area of Apologetics. This study will begin with a 6 week video series called “Tactics” by Greg Koukl which outlines an intentional approach to conversation. Following the video series we will be exploring the “big arguments” that are often made in opposition to Christianity. The topics covered in these arguments include “the existence of God“, “the origin of the universe“, “the reliability of the Bible“, “the person of Jesus“, “social justice“, “Epistomology“, and more.

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