Rule #6 Do Not Murder

I invited questions to be texted in and they would be posted.

Here are 2 of the questions that I received:


1. “Does this commandment have anything to say about suicide?”

Answer: Yes, I think it absolutely does have something to say about suicide. If we build on the foundation that human life has value because it has been created in Gods image. And that each creation is unique and sacred, then the destroying of any human life is to remove its value from the earth before God had deemed its time. It is similar to the issue of euthanasia in that the act of suicide removes the authority of God to determine the number of days a life will have. It also is an act of destroying a valuable life.

In the same way this law would also prohibit us from destroying our lives in other ways such as with alcohol, drugs or needlessly dangerous and destructive lifestyles.

2. “What if I have been devalued by a person, church, or pastor?”

Answer: I think that if someone has devalued us or are holding a grudge or anger against us (as referenced in Matthew 5), then I think, as much as it concerns us, we should seek reconciliation. I do not think it would be right to respond with vengeance or to form a grudge. Rather we should take ownership of our part in any wrong doing and seek to reconcile the dispute. if the other party is unwilling to reconcile, then I think we are responsible to own our part and leave the other party to answer to the church body, and eventually to God, as He is the judge (see again Matthew 5:25)


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