Know your Family

This past Sunday I challenged us to become aware of the “normal” we inherited through our family of origin. Our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents have all passed on norms that we live out everyday. However, most of us are oblivious to this reality.

One tool I spoke about was a genogram. It is a family tree that shows the relational dynamics and family events that have shaped us. What soon becomes apparent is the generational patterns that we ourselves are continuing on. This awareness then allows us to consider what healthy patterns to pass on and which ones stop now.


The message behind it all is that through a relationship with Jesus we can inherit a “new normal”; one where we live as a true child of God.Our broken and fractured history can be transformed and come to include forgiveness, healing, reconciliation and hope. I encourage you to check out the resources below.

This following attachment shows how you can construct your genogram by hand.

Looking Back to Go Forward

The link below provides a program that allows you to construct a genogram on the computer.

Use these resources to “know your family” and start a whole new set of life-changing “norms”!


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