Family By Design

For generations, understanding and clarity of the term “Family” was never in question. Although not always intact, the picture of a man & women in a committed marital relationship with children would immediately come to mind. In recent years this image has been challenged and continues to experience significant re-definition.

Although the discussion is ongoing, most agree disillusionment with traditional marriage, divorce, cohabiting relationships, abuse, and re-examination of sexual expression and experience are contributing factors. Another factor is new interpretive methods of the Bible. Does the Bible limit marriage to a man & women? Is sex to me limited to one partner? Doesn’t love win? Big questions…too many obscure answers.

This series seeks to clarify what the family has been created for and provide tools to fulfills it’s purpose. It affirms that God exists, God creates, God wills and…God wins. He has created the family to focus on something beyond itself, something eternal. We are to strive together for what comes after “till death do us part.”

God has designed the family to be the primary means of sharing the message of Jesus. It is to foster multi-generational faithfulness by investing into our spouses and children, and then impact our communities one relationship at a time. Only in marriage do we find perfect acceptance, love, and sexual fulfillment. Only in family do we find the greatest opportunity to impact a life. Only in the church family do we find the community for support and encouragement. There is a design for the family. Join us as we explore all it was created to be.


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