Young Adults

The Young Adults (grade 12 – 30ish years old) meet every Sunday at the Bird House!

Contact Pastor Andrew for directions and more information by emailing

Come and join us for a time of fellowship and spiritual development with our Young Adults Bible Study. Come to the Bird House at 6pm for “dinner with the Birds”. Andrew and Kathleen provide a delicious (and often cost effective) meal for anyone travelling out for the Bible study. we eat, laugh and talk together while Andrew and Kathleen try to make their children eat something!

Following a wonderful time of eating together, at 7:30pm we begin the biblestudy. Beginning in January of 2018, we will be working through a study of the book of Revelation! come and join us as we explore the final book of the Bible and learn what has been revealed for us today!
Miss a week in the study? Click here to see a recap! 

After the study is completed you are welcome to head home, or you can stay late and play boardgames or watch childrens movies with Andrew and Kathleen.

Got Questions? comment on the Facebook page or ask Andrew at young adults.

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