Jr Youth


Fun! Friends! Faith!

That is what Junior Youth is all about! For children in grades 4, 5 and 6, Junior Youth is held the last Friday evening of every month from September to June. Activities include swimming and bowling in Wetaskiwin, mini-golfing at Blackstone near the Village, skating at the Falun rink, sledding at By-The-Lake-Park, and indoor and outdoor games both at the church and local school gyms.

This year at Jr. Youth there are some awesome new opportunities! The events happening at the end of each month will continue as normal. We are going to be adding an additional night of Jr. Youth on October 13, November 10, and December 8. These additional Jr. Youth nights will be held at the church from 4:30-6pm (kids at Falun can take the bus to the church at 3:30, a team of leaders will be hosting some fun and games until the 4:30 program begins). These events are being called “JR. YOUTH @ the CHURCH”. the program will be held entirely at the church property.

POKEMON CLUB is still happening this year. However we will only be having pokemon club on the 1st and 3rd wednesday of each month. the 3rd Wednesday will be a league challenge most months (meaning you can earn championship points and kool prizes). We will be doing a tournament every week, but the tournaments are always optional and free. Kids are welcome to come and build decks or trade cards and play casually rather than in the tournament.

Please feel free to contact Karen Turpin for any questions about the end of month Jr. Youth Events,

or contact Pastor Andrew Bird (780-335-4080) for any questions regarding JR YOUTH @ the CHURCH, the Pokemon Club, or the lunch clubs at Lakedell and Falun

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